Practical information

Nobel Week Lights 2023 takes place 2 – 10 December.

All artworks are lit between 16.00 – 22.00.

No, attending Nobel Week Lights is completely free!

All of the artworks are on display in central Stockholm. You can find a map on our website, as well as physical maps at the artworks and at the Nobel Prize Museum. 

You can find more information about all of the artworks on our program page.

Yes! We have a range of activities during the week, you can read more about it on our events page.

Aside from the free activities, there’s also an opportunity to take a guided kayak tour. Read more on Stockholm Adventures.

Yes! Nobel Week Lights provides free guided tours in multiple languages available for booking. Read more and book your spot at our guided tours page.

There are several artworks that are excellent to bring your kids to! We recommend especially the interactive artworks Rythmus, Kick it and Magic Carpets 2023, as well as of course the artwork at the City Hall. See the full program on our program page. 

Most of our artworks are accessible for wheelchair users as they are located outside in public spaces. The availability depends on the existing streets and urban environment. Not all locations are ideal for wheelchairs since some of them are located close to cobblestone streets.

We estimate that it would take approximately 60-90 min to see all the artworks by foot. However we encourage visitors to spend some time at the artworks as well as enjoy the walk through Stockholm. We therefore recommend allocating approximately 2-3 hours to enjoy the entire festival. 

The Nobel Prize Museum’s restaurant is open throughout the Nobel week and serves coffee, tea and fika as well as lunch and dinner and is an excellent place to sit down and warm up, as well as learn more about the Nobel Prize laureates and their discoveries. 

Other places along the festival path that serve drinks or food are STF Af Chapman, Hotel Skeppsholmen, Torpedverkstan, Stadshuskällaren, Grillska huset, Chokladkoppen, Kaffekoppen, Under kastanjen, Lydmar Hotel, Nationalmuseum, Kulturhuset, Strandvägen 1, Dramaten and Fabrique.

You can read more about our annual photo competition on our events page. 

All of the artworks are outside. We work closely with the artists and technical staff to ensure that the artworks are able to withstand all of what Stockholm’s winter weather might entail. So far we have never had to close or turn off an artwork due to weather conditions.

about nobel week lights

Nobel Week Lights is an annual light festival lighting up the city during the darkest time of the year. The festival is presented by the Nobel Prize Museum and invites both international and local artists, designers, and students to create large-scale public light artworks. The light installations interpret scientific discoveries, literature and peace work awarded with the Nobel Prize. 

It is a cultural experience that is free and accessible to everyone, taking place during the Nobel Week in December. These installations illuminate the Nobel Prize laureates’ important discoveries in new ways, while at the same time giving the audience the opportunity to see the city of Stockholm and the urban environment with new eyes. 

Nobel Week Lights invites everyone to share a high-quality artistic experience with loved ones.

We continually work with lowering our energy consumption and work predominantly with local vendors to support local businesses and reduce transportation lengths. During the 2022 edition of the festival, new technological solutions contributed to a 40% decrease in energy usage for the artwork at the City Hall compared to previous years. The other installations use an average of only 1 kW and thus consume very little energy.

We take security aspects very seriously. The festival and its security personnel collaborate closely with the City of Stockholm’s security department as well as relevant authorities to create a safe experience for the festival’s visitors.

Nobel Week Lights is presented by the Nobel Prize Museum and supported by the City of Stockholm, The Stockholm chamber of Commerce, FAM, Grand Hotel Stockholm, Einar Mattsson AB and Fagerhult, as well as a range of public and private partners. To see the full partner list, visit the partner page.

Contact us at info@nobelweeklights.se and we will put you in contact with our curatorial team. Please note that we are not open for any submissions for the 2023 edition of Nobel Week Lights.

Please feel free to reach out to us at info@nobelweeklights.se with any additional questions.