Nobel Week Lights Stockholm

Nobel Week Lights is a new way to celebrate the Nobel Prize in Stockholm. Nobel Week Lights Stockholm 2021 will take place December 4-13, 2021. The program for Nobel Week Lights 2021 will be announced in the autumn of 2021.
Lighting design is often at the intersection of art and science. It is both playful, effective and communicative. Artists and lighting designers participating in Nobel Week Lights explore new ideas and techniques with their works. The installations raise thoughts about how we experience our urban environment and make you as a visitor look at Stockholm with new eyes.
The lighting installations erected around the city are inspired by Nobel laureates’ discoveries and works. With new lighting experiences in iconic places and buildings, Nobel Week Lights invites Stockholmers to the celebration of the Nobel Week festivities.
Nobel Week Lights Stockholm is initiated and produced by Annika Levin, Alexandra Manson, Lara Szabo Greisman and Helmet. The initiative is carried out in collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum with the support of the City of Stockholm, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce as well as a number of other partners and lighting companies.
Communication team: Jennifer Lindblad (coordinator communication and social media), Rasmus Manson (design) and Daniel Tiderman (web design)