Festbelysning stockholm konserthus

Artist: Per Sundin Location: Konserthuset Stockholm

Artist: Per Sundin
Location: Stockholm Konserthus

On behalf of the City of Stockholm, Per Sundin has since 2008 created an annual lighting of the facade of the concert hall for the Nobel Prize celebrations. The design idea is based on the unique cobalt color scheme. The blue pigment has a fantastic property of reflecting the blue wavelengths of light.

With small amounts of cold tones of light, the building stands out from the noise of its surroundings. The light levels change according to twilight light and the city’s pulse: the lighting is slightly brighter during the hectic afternoon hours and the level drops during the evening to blend into the city’s night light.

The installation for the Nobel Week is set to be made permanent in the year 2021.

This year, the city has requested an extra addition as a contribution to “Nobel Week Lights”.

To give extra shine to the unique building, a “golden crown” will be temporarily installed on the roof balconies, spreading glittering light across the city. The warm light against the blue facade gives the whole building a royal splendor, in true Nobel spirit.

Per Sundin

Per Sundin

Lighting designer

Per Sundin is a lighting designer for television, theater,opera, and architecture. He began as a lighting designer in the early 80s at Pistolteatern and Stadsteatern (Stockholm City Theater) in Stockholm. In 1988 he started working in the television industry and for the past 40 years he has worked broadly as a lighting designer,

with theater, opera, ballet, TV, film, art exhibitions, music videos, concerts and architectural lighting, including bank buildings in Istanbul but also Stockholm City Hall.

Sundin has also worked on a wide range of major events such as the Nobel Banquet, Swedish royal birthdays and weddings, the millennium celebrations at the castle, the inauguration of Friends Arena and international projects such as the Eurovision Song Contest both in Sweden and internationally.

Sundin has also worked with celebrated directors including, among others, Ingmar Bergman. –