Text type light

Artist: Text Type Light Location: Digital

Artist: Text Type Light  Location: Digital

For Nobel Week Lights, Text Type Light has created innovative light animations by taking the festival’s theme “Ljus i mörkret” and writing it across some of Stockholm’s most iconic sites: Stockholms stadshus, Stockholms stadsmuseum, and Sergels torg.

The artists design a text on a computer and program it onto a custom built LED stick. One artist slowly walks across a site with the stick while the other films.

A custom software then registers the light pixels in the film, and transforms these into animated words.

Text Type Light

Text Type Light

A Svartljus project

Text Type Light is a project by Jonas Johansson and Victoria Albrecht, members of artist collective Svartljus. Svartljus has previously realized projects at Reaktorhallen, Fryshuset, Slakthuset, and other various locations around Stockholm and Sweden.

More about Text Type Light at instagram.com/texttypelight


A Svartljus (@svartljus) project by


Jonas Johansson



Victoria Albrecht




Text illustrations by

Fredrika Frykstrand



Music by

Francesco Torelli


Behind the scenes footage by

Rose Hallgren


Inspired by

Philippe Dubost

Original code by

Lucas Berbesson