Hexx Øne

Artist: Calidos  Location: Soltorget

Artist: Calidos  
Location: Soltorget

As universal as inevitable, as persistent as impassible, our time measuring system goes back to the Egyptian civilization and the first solar clocks. Later, Babylonians segmented the lunar cycle into twelve parts, the Greeks divided the circle into sixty parts and in the Middle Ages mechanical devices divided a day into hours, minutes and seconds, a system still in use today.

Despite the weight of History, could we perceive and measure time in another form or condition? Clocks set our vital rhythms, sometimes socially, sometimes through culture. Three seconds mark the past, the present and the future: before, now and afterwards. We sleep, breathe and wake up always at the pace of time. But what is the real rhythm of time? Does Time take a break? Or is it always on? And even more: what are clocks dreaming about in their sleep?

Hexx Øne is an homage to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura who were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 for their research and for inventing the LED light. This is Calidas first modular installation, a 22m long structure based on 12 hexagonal arches and 7200 powerful RGB LED lights.

The hexagon is one of the main geometric shapes of nature due to its inherent high efficiency, as demonstrated by bees in building their beehives. The large dimension of the installation allows people to enter in and pass through it. Its mechanisms are capable of accelerating or slowing down the subjective visual and auditory immersive experience.



Calidos is a small studio formed by artists and engineers based in Barcelona, Catalonia. Since 1995 they have been doing many digital projects applied to the audiovisual world. About 7 years ago they fully entered the Light Installation scene. Since then, Calidos have built several interactive light installations of their own design and participated in many public festivals and private events, mostly in Europe and the USA.

Calidos are makers and love to investigate and try new materials and technologies mixing them together to create new art experiences that people can enjoy and love.


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