Artist: re|thread Location: Benny Fredrikssons Torg

Artist: re|thread
Location: Benny Fredrikssons Torg

cyber|glow is a light installation, generated in real time based on the interactions of the visitors. It reveals the invisible and live software traces that operate an interactive game. cyber|glow enchants visitors with a large-scale multi-player game where they learn about Nobel discoveries. cyber|glow reveals the intangible layers of code and data that run the game, through a generative laser projection.

cyber|glow is a diptych.
One part is a multi-player, interactive game. The visitors can select a laureate and control its movement on a large wall, through their phone. By picking their favorite Nobel laureate and moving their avatar around on a projection, the visitors will create an illusory mingle with some of the top scientists of all time. Users also learn more about the scientific discovery that earned their laureate their prize.

Another part of cyber|glow is a real-time observation and visualization system producing the laser movements that create the light art projection. This projection reveals the invisible game events, database accesses, systems calls, network events and function calls that operate at high frequency to deliver the game.

Software is the core medium that fuels our digital society, providing services to citizens, governments, activists and corporations. It is an invisible and intangible set of processes that run millions of operations per second, on top of world-wide networks. With cyber|glow, we wish to unveil these invisible processes and let citizens realize the extraordinary scale of software that surrounds them.

The research that this installation is based on was developed through WASP, a program supported by the Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse



Interdisciplinary Collective

re|thread is an interdisciplinary collective at the intersection of software technology, and audiovisual arts. Erik Natanael Gustafsson is a new media artist with a double expertise in audiovisual composition and software for interactive installations. Thomas Durieux is a postdoctoral researcher at KTH, expert in software research and distributed systems. Jonathan Ramirez is an interaction designer and software engineer. Benoit Baudry, is a Professor in software technology at KTH, passionate about software art. For cyber|glow, re|thread collective features Ambar Troya, graphic designer and game artist.

re|thread develops software art since 2019: Pellow, a browser art installation at Tekniska museet, RFC:675:08, a live Internet visualization for the Nobel Week Lights 2020, re|traces of search, to touch software at DIS 2020, Browser Chance Music a sonification of personal apps at the Visualia festival, and at KMH, as well as two online exhibitions: browser fingerprinting and Drift.


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