About the energy consumption of the festival

The Nobel Week Lights festival is a cultural experience that is free of charge and accessible to everyone during the darkest time of the year. In 2022 we feel it is particularly important to highlight science and culture with a modified, energy-efficient lights festival. Thanks to Nobel Prize-awarded light-emitting diode (LED) technology, the installations consume an average of only 1 kW, which is less energy than many electrical devices we use in our homes. The artistic light installation with the highest energy consumption in previous years has been the one at City Hall. This year, a new technical solution will reduce its energy use by 40 per cent compared to last year. This will have a major impact on the festival’s overall energy consumption. Over the nine days of the festival the total energy consumption is estimated at 4,100 kWh − a marginal amount of electricity for a cultural experience that welcomed 350,000 Stockholm residents and visitors last year. If that many people watch television for six minutes per person, they use up the equivalent of the entire festival’s energy consumption over nine days.

By going for a winter stroll in the city and sharing an energy-efficient lighting experience with family and friends, together we can save electricity that would otherwise be consumed in our homes.

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